Fly To: Santa Fe

Summer is Here! Head to the Mountains.

let’s take a trip from lively Santa Fe up through Southern Colorado

Summertime can be brutal in the south. Some people head to the beach to fully embrace the heat, but for others, the Rocky Mountains can offer a welcome reprieve with promises of cool, dry air and endless outdoor activities. This three part “Fly-To” series will start in picturesque Santa Fe and conclude with some mountain flying in Southern Colorado.

Exploring Santa Fe

There is no better place to begin a summer mountain adventure than Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe offers an atmosphere that is decisively different and has a little something for everyone.

Events You Shouldn’t Miss!

Santa Fe Studio Tour.jpg

June 15,16 or June 22,23 2019

Santa Fe has a long history as an artist’s town and this free event draws people from all over to take an intimate look at the artist’s studios and most recent works.


Santa Fe Edible Art Tour

June 14-15 2019

Have you ever been walking through an art gallery and thought, “gee, I could really go for some food”? The Santa Fe Edible Art Tour is a city-wide event that allows you to eat your way through some of the top local galleries. Artists provide a curated culinary experience in their own workspace and are on-site to talk about their exhibits.


Santa Fe Bandstand

All Summer Long

The Santa Fe Bandstand runs from May through August and provides FREE live music on the historic Santa Fe plaza from local and regional artists. Bring a chair and listen to great music, or better yet, grab a patio seat at one of the restaurants nearby and sip on a cocktail with the best view around.


Flying into Santa Fe

Santa Fe Regional Airport (KSAF)

Santa Fe Regional Airport FBO

Santa Fe Regional Airport FBO

  • Open 24-hours

  • ILS, VOR, RNAV (GPS) Approaches

  • 3 runways with maximum length of 8300 ft

Things to Know Before Takeoff

  • Watch that density altitude! The airport sits at over 6,000 ft elevation with rising terrain to the east. Those warm summer months can tack-on some serious length to your takeoff roll.

  • Heading East? Look at the charts! Terrain rises sharply east of the field, if you’re in a normally aspirated plane be prepared to circle, or take a lower altitude route to the south or north.

  • The airport is about 10 miles from the city - UBER/Lyft are reliable in the area if the crew car is taken.

What to do in Santa Fe?

Where to Stay?