Does Anyone Care About General Aviation Anymore?

Santa Fe: General Aviation’s Hotspot for a Weekend

The Flight Level team headed west to Santa Fe last weekend to enjoy one of the AOPA’s infamous “Fly-Ins”. Each year, the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association (AOPA) hosts a number of regional gatherings across the country to facilitate continued growth of general aviation. The events have something for everyone - air shows overhead, educational seminars, beer and food (what else could you want?). But beneath the surface, these Fly-Ins serve an important role in keeping you flying.


Public Support MATTERS

Believe it or not, our freedom to fly, as the general aviation (“GA”, as we call it in the biz) community is constantly up for debate. A quick spin of the globe would reveal a world of highly restricted, pay-for-usage, airspace systems that systemically oppress the growth and sustainability of private aviation. The United States accounts for the majority of GA flying conducted around the world - we LOVE our airplanes. But even more than a love for aviation, the U.S. has realized the incredible business benefits for flying private, but that is for another post….

The voting public (and their duly appointed representatives) hold our fate to fly private in their hands, so what happens if they stop caring?

Just this year, the fate of the Air Traffic Control system was nearly handed over to airline executives (yes, the same executives that keep taking away your legroom). This bill would have dramatically changed the way we approach our airspace system and prioritized commercial airlines over all other traffic (a system that has stifled European GA). But to many, the general aviation system exists in a vacuum and the majority of the public has no knowledge of our secretive world. This keeps us in danger of one day losing this battle.


Share Your Passion

For all of us who work or play within GA our obligation is to continue to share our collective passion with anyone who will listen. I believe that we are at a pivotal moment in our aviation community. Each day aircraft manufacturers are making strides to reduce aircraft operating costs, increase safety margins and appeal to a wider audience than the traditional base of aviators. Aircraft operators have been equally focused on reducing the cost burden on end-users by reinventing the way we access aircraft. Today, there is more opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to use GA, but it takes all of us, working together, to continue to share the opportunities afforded by private aircraft.

Our Commitment

To share this responsibility Flight Level Partners will be featuring the stories of general aviation users from across the country right here on our blog. We would love the opportunity to share how general aviation has benefited you, if you would like to be featured shoot us an email to With our collective passion, the future of GA is brighter than ever.


Cameron Tipton, ASA

Co-Founder/Director of Brokerage

Flight Level Partners