Cirrus SR22 - The Best Way to Travel Around Texas

American-Made Versatility

Cirrus has been an innovator since they first put pencil to paper in 1984. Through the years, Cirrus has brought bold new design and features to an otherwise stale and stagnant general aviation market. The Cirrus SR22 is a high-performance 4 seat airplane that simply works.

Travel Without Compromise

Plush leather Interior and vibrant avionics suite.

Most light planes come with too many sacrifices for the price. The Cirrus SR22 is the exception, full fuel, and 4 adults can load up and fly for over 1,000 miles at over 210 MPH - not too bad for an airplane that sips fuel. Luckily, Cirrus didn't stop under the "hood", the interior of the SR22 is reminiscent of a luxury sedan. Leather and soft touch finishes are found throughout the cabin. The flight deck commands attention with its two massive screens powered by Garmin's G1000 (with G1000 NXi on the new G6), which has time and again proven to be an unmatched system for performance and safety. The SR22 also offers a host of creature comforts - air conditioning, XM radio, and in-flight texting.

Real World Flying

Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus has made sure that their airplanes are up to the challenges of daily flying. The SR series was the first certificated airplane that came standard with a full airframe parachute that Cirrus has dubbed, "CAPs". Other noteworthy features include airframe de-icing capabilities, airbag integrated seatbelts and a host of redundant mechanical systems. That means that you can fly safely in weather that keeps other airplanes in the hangar.

The Math Works

We find ourselves consistently recommending new and used Cirrus to our clients. If you or your company are making frequent regional trips within 600 miles a Cirrus SR22 may be the best way to travel on your next trip. The Cirrus is the clear answer for regional fliers and offers substantial cost savings over turboprop airplanes. The SR22 costs about $150 per hour to operate, that means a roundtrip from Dallas to Houston will only run you about $300 (Southwest couldn't beat that!). Flight Level Partners works closely with Cirrus and would be happy to offer consultation and place you in the right hands at Cirrus. If a previously loved Cirrus is more your style, Flight Level Partners can offer industry-leading expertise to find you the perfect plane for your needs and budget.