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The first CJ2 was delivered by Cessna in 2000 as a stretched and more powerful version of the popular CJ1. The CJ2 was a great balance of speed and comfort that drew a middle market of those needing more than a CJ1 and less than the hefty CJ3. CJ2 typically holds 8-9 passengers (plus a pilot) and has a maximum range of 1,613 miles (respectable for the class), and a high-speed cruise setting of 407 knots.


After delivering nearly 300 unites Cessna rebranded the CJ2 as the CJ2+ while adding FADEC engine controls and the advanced Garmin G3000. These moves focused on the pilot-operator, in typical Cessna fashion, by reducing pilot workload with class-leading avionics. The CJ2 has a great track record and has been a favorite among owner-operators and will continue for years to come.


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Citation CJ2 spec sheet: total variable cost per hour, minimum crew and passengers, years in production, seats full range, tanks full range, take-off field length, landing distance, max cruise speed, long range cruise speed, fuel usage, service ceiling, full fuel payload, and more.

*Performance and cost data has been collected and averaged from a variety of sources.

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Citation CJ2 Full Tanks Range

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