choosing an aircraft to purchase doesn’t have to hard

Want to know which plane fits your travel DNA?

We make it easy with Our three step process

  1. TELL US ABOUT Your Travel

Call, email or schedule an appointment to help us understand all your travel needs.


2. Receive your Candidates

In as little as 24 hours, we will send you options that MATCH your travel DNA.


3. Select Your Plane

We walk with you through the ownership options. Our job isn't over until your needs are satisfied, whichever aircraft you choose we're here to help.

I know which Aircraft I want


You know what you like, we like that.

You need a broker to help you close on a plane, we get it.

Aircraft Selection

Whether you have already decided on your dream plane or want to know more on a specific bird, Flight Level Partners is focused on education. We walk you through the good and the bad of owning that aircraft, surprises are for birthdays, not business transactions.


When it comes time to place an offer on your new aircraft we will have walked through all the ins-and-outs of the purchase process in detail. We will orchestrate all aspects of the closing and delivery process and we will do our part to make the process seamless.

There’s More than just one way to fly

We want you to be fully aware of all the options. We can help you navigate ownership strategies that can justify your leap to ownership.

Scheduled routes, lower rates

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On Demand, no liability

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Perks and predictable pricing

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Straight Forward Ownership

Ownership customized

lower Rates, greater access


Honest Guidance

We know the values and we want you to get the most out of your investment. We are upfront about the gritty details of ownership, what to expect, and things to look out for. As a team of appraisers and brokers we look beyond short-term solutions and focus on long-term residuals. Our advice is based on data, not opinions.

Learn more about our story and why transparency & education guide us below.