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Cessna originally unveiled the CJ3 in 2004 and was rebranded as the CJ3+ ten years later. The CJ3 and CJ3+ holds 6 passengers in club-style seating with an option for a belted lavatory for a total of 7 in the main cabin. Up front, the CJ3+ is built for a single-pilot environment, making the co-pilot seat available for one more passenger.


The CJ3 boasts impressive performance numbers for speed, takeoff/landing rolls and range and is closely matched with its competitor, the Phenom 300, at nearly every mark. The Williams FJ44 engines give the CJ3+ a takeoff distance of just 3,200 ft., matched with a range just over 2,000 nautical miles and a max cruise speed of 416 KTS. Those numbers are very attractive to any buyer needing mid-size performance in an economical package.



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Citation CJ3 Performance specs compared to the newer CJ3+ . Ownership costs, variable costs, fuel usage, ect.
CJ3+ specs compared to the information about the cj3.

*Performance and cost data has been collected and averaged from a variety of sources.

Range Map


CJ3 Full Seats Range (NM)

CJ3 Seats 4 Range

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