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The Cessna M2 has gone by several names but its heritage began in 1991 as the Cessna CitationJet. Since 91’ the M2 has been branded as the CJ1, CJ1+ and most recently the M2. After the smaller Citation Mustang was phased-out of production in 2017, the M2 has become Cessna’s entry-level light jet. The M2 is built predominantly for the owner-operator and much care was taken to make the M2 easy to manage and simple to fly. The M2 can carry 7 passengers total (including pilot), there is a lavatory in the rear of the cabin.


The M2 is powered by Williams FJ44 that offers enhanced performance over previous generations. The M2 has a maximum range of 1,550 nautical miles and a max cruise speed of 404 KTS at 41,000 ft., a good solution for business looking for jet speeds and regional efficiency


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Citation M2 Full Seats Range (NM)

Citation M2, 4 Passenger Range Map

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