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Cirrus has held the majority of the piston aircraft market for a number of years and they hope to captivate the jet market with the new Vision Jet. Cirrus has been perfecting the Vision for over a decade and began delivering the aircraft at the end of 2016. The Vision Jet has breathed new life into a predominantly “forgotten” very light jet (VLJ) market. Foremost, the Vision Jet is a pilot’s airplane. Cirrus wanted to offer its current customers the opportunity to step-up into a jet aircraft, as such, the ergonomics inside the Vision Jet will feel instantly familiar to anyone who has ridden in a piston Cirrus.


The Vision Jet is powered by one, Williams FJ33 engine mounted on the top of the aircraft. This affords a cruise altitude of 28,000 feet and a 300 KTS cruise speed. True to Cirrus, the Vision Jet is equipped with a full-airframe-parachute, the first certified jet to have such a feature. The Vision Jet has a handful of seating options, but max capacity affords 7 total seats (including pilot). The Vision Jet is ideal for customers looking for jet speed and safety for regional trips and for pilots ready to step-up to jet-class aircraft.




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Cirrus Vision Jet Specs

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**Performance and cost data has been collected and averaged from a variety of sources.

Range Map


Cirrus Vision Jet, Full Seats Range (NM)

Cirrus Vision Jet, Full Fuel Range

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