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Citation Mustang

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Cessna introduced the Citation Mustang in 2006 as an affordable solution for owners and operators looking fly a jet. The Mustang offers a balance between speed, reliability and payload that is appealing to owner-pilots and small business alike. There are 6 seats (including pilot) on-board, with the cabin seats configured in a club-style configuration – perfect for in-flight meetings. The Mustang’s cabin is the largest in the very-light-jet category, it is plenty of space for its typical mission – typically lasting a little over an hour.


Cessna built the cockpit around a pilot transitioning to a jet. The ergonomics and intuitive G1000 avionics all work in concert to reduce pilot workload and offer intuitive single-pilot operations. In cruise, the Mustang can reach 41,000 feet with a highly respective 340 KTS cruise speed – making regional hops painless for you and your employees.


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Citation Mustang jet specs, information, ownership costs, variable costs, crew/passenger ration, flight range distance.

*Performance and cost data has been collected and averaged from a variety of sources.

Range Map


Citation Mustang Full Seats Range (NM)

Citation Mustang 4 Passenger Range (NM)

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