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Baron 58 & G58


Beechcraft Baron

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When you imagine a light piston twin, chances are you think of a Baron. In 1961 Beechcraft took everything great about the Bonanza and added a second engine. The Baron has seating for 6 in a club-type configuration. Think of it like a really fast (and really cool) van – load it up and you’re off. Beechcraft even gave the Baron large loading doors for passengers and bags and nose compartments for even more bags. Much like the Bonanza, the Baron has a myriad of variants since it was introduced – each with unique performance and styling points. Today, the Baron is an all-around winner for capability.


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Beechcraft Baron 58, the classic beechcraft aircraft that has inspired an industry. Specs, information, costs, range, service ceiling, fuel usage and ect.
Beechcraft Baron G58 Baron Specs compared to its predecessor the beechcraft Baron 58.

Range Map

Baron Full Tanks Range


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