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Beechcraft Bonanza

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Beechcraft has been producing this iconic high-performance, complex airplane since 1947 – talk about a legacy. The “35” Bonanza was introduced with a revolutionary v-tail design which afforded increased efficiency over traditional t-tail designs, not to mention that iconic good look. Beechcraft continued to refine the v-tail until eventually launching the “33” Bonanza with a traditional t-tail design and eventually the most popular – “36” Bonanza that is still produced today.

Modern Bonanza’s are typically equipped with either 4 or 6 seats inside of the roomy interior. The Bonanza is a fantastic weekend traveler with the ability to load the whole family inside an operate at low cost. The Bonanza stands as a legacy in general aviation and continues to offer one of the best flying experiences for both pilot and passengers.




Let's Talk Numbers

The A36 Bonanza Specs compared to the newer G36 Bonanza. These specifications include: long range cruise speed, range, fuel usage, service ceiling and useful payload.
Beechcraft Bonanza G36, the newest and most advanced Bonanza on the market. This Table compares the specifications of the aircraft to its predecessor. some of these specs include: fuel usage, variable cost, range, operating cost, cruise speeds and useful loads.

*seats full range is 4 seats full range, based on 175lb per person

Range Map


A36 Range *4 Adults Range

Bonanza G36 *4 Adults Range

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