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"Someone asked me if I could come up with one word to describe the (Cessna TTx). I thought about "neat" and "cool" and "complete" and "integrated" and "fast" and "pretty". Then I dismissed them all and decided on "airplane", because the Columbia 400 is truly what an airplane should be."
- Richard L. Collins

The Cessna 400 was originally designed in 2004 by Columbia Aircraft prior to being acquired by Cessna in 2007. The TTx holds the record for the fastest production single-engine piston with a fixed gear and it is well-deserved. Having the landing gear permanently down creates a large amount of drag but offers an enhanced safety benefit – eliminating the possibility of landing gear failures.

For many, the TTx is a direct competitor of the venerable Cirrus SR22 and the TTx does carry some strong advantages. The build construction is superior to that of the Cirrus which is evident in its structural limitations, which are greater than the Cirrus. It is equipped with Garmin G2000 avionics, a speed brake and optional flight into known icing (FIKI).

The TTx is a great solution for those looking for speed without sacrificing sedan-style comfort. Cessna previously produced the Cessna Corvalis 400 TT, the predecessor to the TTx, with previous version avionics and interior styling.




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Cessna TTx Specifications, comparison of ownership costs, variable costs, fuel usage, take off and landing weights.

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