The airplane that transformed the industry.

Cirrus SR20, SR22, & SR22T

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Cirrus began pushing the boundaries of a stagnant industry in 1984 with innovative designs for the future of personal piston and jet aircraft. In 1995 Cirrus released the SR20 – a 4 seat, low wing single engine aircraft that was designed to mimic the comfort of a luxury sedan.

The SR20 was modified in 2000 to create the high performance SR22 with a larger wing, larger fuel tank and substantially higher performance. Since 2002 the SR22 has held the record for top selling production aircraft in general aviation. Cirrus has attributed much of its success to industry leading safety features including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). Today, variants of the popular airplane are the entry-level SR20, the high performance SR22 and a turbocharged version called the SR22T.



How the SR Models Stack up.

Cirrus Aircraft the SR20 and its' specifications lined up in comparison to its sister aircrafts the SR22 and SR22T.
The Cirrus SR22 stacked up against the SR22T and the SR20. Spec comparison is given to further expand upon the capabilities of each aircraft individually.
The SR22T Specs and information that aids in showing how this aircraft is one of the best that an owner-pilot can buy.

Range Map

SR 20 Full Tanks Range

SR 22 Full Tanks Range

SR 22T Full Tanks Range


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