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M20 Acclaim & M20 Ovation


Mooney Ovation / Acclaim

Specs, Operating costs & Information

"Make it strong. Make it simple. Make it fast."
- Al Mooney

Mooney has always felt that their airplanes should go fast – really, really fast. The small, Texas-based manufacturer has set numerous world speed records since their founding back in 1929. Since that time, their airplanes have come a long way. Mooney began production of two brand new airplanes certified in 2017 under the same name as aircraft discontinued in 2008 – Ovation Ultra and Acclaim Ultra.

The Ovation will have a normally aspirated engine while the Acclaim will have identical construction with a turbocharged engine. So, customers that frequent high-altitude airports or want the ability to overfly weather will want a second look at the Acclaim. For most, the Ovation will do a fine job for the flat-landers. While true raw performance data is not yet available, a few things are certain. Both aircraft will feature Garmin’s new G1000 NXi avionics, a plush hand-stitched leather interior and the capability to cruise up to 242 KTS and over 1,000 nautical miles. Mooney is sure to shake up the market and that is a good thing.



Let's Talk Numbers

Mooney Acclaim specs compared to its sister aircraft the ovation. How do these two Porsche-like aircraft compare when it comes to: speed, altitude, fuel usage, range and cost. 
Mooney Ovation specs compared to its sister aircraft the Acclaim. Operation costs, variable costs, seats full range, take-off field length, ect.

Range Map


Mooney Acclaim Range Full Tanks

Mooney Ovation Range Full Tanks

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