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Piper M350 / Malibu

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When Piper launched the PA-46 (Malibu) in 1982 they may not have known that it would still be produced in 2017 in 4 different variants. The continued success of the airplane is largely attributed to several key design components – pressurization, seats for 6 and high cruise speed.

Today the Malibu Mirage, now known as the M350, is the last pressurized piston aircraft produced. That means you get all the benefits of turboprop altitude minus the burden of wearing those pesky oxygen cannulas – it’s a big deal. The Malibu is also offered as the Matrix a non-pressurized version. Overall, owners note a great combination of speed and range with the ability to fly well over 1,000 nautical miles at speeds near 200 KTS while operating at nearly a quarter of the cost of a comparable turboprop.



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Piper Malibu / Mirage Specifications, Information on how the aircraft performs and how much it costs to operate.

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Piper M350 Range Full Tanks


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