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Piper has been rolling the 6 seater Seneca off the production line since 1971 with the most current iteration certified in 1996. The Seneca has remained a strong contender during a time when many manufacturers have abandoned production of multi-engine pistons altogether.

The Seneca is an all-weather flyer with optional weather radar, flight into known icing (FIKI), and Sirius XM Weather. The interior of the Seneca is “cabin-class” and excellently crafted with plush oversized seats and club style rear seats. The wide body of the Seneca gives above-average elbow room for all passengers. The balance between functionality, safety and comfort in the Seneca has long made it an attractive choice as it still does today.


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The Piper Seneca Specs. How it compares. Range, fuel capacity, useful load, payload, variable cost, service ceiling and runway length.

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Seneca Full Tanks Range

Seneca 4 Passenger Range

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