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King Air 200

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The Super King Air 200/250 is a flying icon. The high-flying t-tail and powerful stance demands a second glance at any airport. Beechcraft introduced the King Air 200 as a larger and stronger variant of the King Air 90 with performance characteristics improved in nearly every way imaginable. The King Air 200 came standard with seating for 8 with a lavatory located in the rear of the airplane. This layout made the 200 a first-choice airplane for business travel.


The greatest highlight of the King Air 200 is its economical operating cost. When compared to a typical 2.5 hour trip the King Air will arrive only minutes behind a comparable jet while saving you nearly 50% of the bill.


Over the years, upgrades in efficiency and avionics have played a large role in keeping the King Air popular. Models from 1995 through the early 2000s were equipped with an electronic flight information system (EFIS) and can be a great value. Today, the 250 comes equipped with a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite that rivals equipment found in any light jet. The King Air 200/250 remains a strong and economical option for anyone looking for the perfect balance of ramp presence and capability.



Let's Talk Numbers

The classic King Air B200 Specs: useful load, ownership costs, variable costs, payload, speed, passenger limit, pilot to passenger ratipo and range information.
The super king air B250 spec sheet. A comparison of the new 250 compared to the previous B200.

Range Map


B200 Full Tanks Range Map

250 Full Tanks Range Map

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