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DAHER TBM 700, 850 & 900

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French aircraft manufacturer Daher (previously EADS Socata) developed their first airplane in partnership with Texas manufacturer Mooney Aircraft back in 1990. The goal was to create a fast plane with room for 6 – they succeeded. The TBM 700 was the first iteration produced. Over the years the overall design has remained the same but improvements over time include adding G1000 or G3000 avionics, improved interior quality, and increased aerodynamic features. The current production models are the TBM 910 and 930.


The TBM lineup offers substantial speed increases over their competitors such as the Piper M600. The TBM is better compared to a light jet – in which it will burn substantially less fuel while not compromising on speed. The TBM series of aircraft continues to deliver a great mix of speed and efficiency unmatched by other turboprops.   


Let's Talk Numbers

TBM 700 Spec sheet: landing and take- off distance, long range cruise speed, fuel usage, service ceiling, passenger to crew ratio, variable costs and production timeline.
The TBM 850 spec sheet comparing performance data and cost data to the TBM 700 and TBM 900.
TBM 900 operating and performance specifications in relation to the earlier TBM 850 and TBM 700C2.

Range Map


TBM 700 Series Full Tanks Range

TBM 800 Full Tanks Range

TBM 900 Full Tanks Range

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