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Beechcraft created the King Air 90 (then known as simply “King Air”) in 1964. Today, the King Air remains the most popular twin turboprop ever built – outselling all competition combined. The King Air 90 is the smallest variant in the King Air lineup with a typical layout of 7 seats, including pilot.


For many, the King Air 90 is the perfect introduction into turbine equipment, particularly for pilots that have time flying multi-engine pistons. However, the 90 should be viewed as more than just a transition airplane, its highly versatile performer with an incredible lineage. Used King Air 90 aircraft have become increasingly affordable and with the added reliability of a turbine engine they are a great value over its piston siblings.



Let's Talk Numbers

King Air 90 GTX Specs, Fuel usage, long range cruise speed, max cruise speed, ownership costs and variable costs.
King Air C90 ownership specs. How it compares to other king air 90 models. Seats full range, tanks full range, balanced field take-off, years in production and minimum crew to passenger ratio.
The King Air F90 comparing its specifications to the newer C90-B and GTX models.

Range Map


90 GTX Full Tanks Range

C90B Full Tanks Range

F90 Full Tanks Range

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