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Piaggio Avanti

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Piaggio created an enigma in 1990 with the Avanti series aircraft. The Avanti climbs to jet altitudes and flies at jet speeds while two Pratt and Whitney turboprop engines sip 30% less fuel than its jet competition. The Avanti uses the same engines as the King Air B200 while delivering speeds up to 100 KTS faster – making the Avanti the fastest multi-engine turboprop available. The Avanti obtains it speeds thanks in part to its unconventional design features such as “pusher-props”, and a composite fuselage that acts as the primary lifting surface.


The Piaggio features a cabin-leading interior that offers a larger cross-section against its competitors. The Avanti is at home and most efficient around 40,000 feet – this makes it ideal for buyers frequently taking trips that exceed 400 miles to take advantage of the Piaggio’s peak efficiency.


Let's Talk Numbers

The Piaggio Avanti II specifications: landing distance feet, variable cost, full fuel payload, seats full range, years in production and more compared to the newer Avanti Evo.
Piaggio Avanti Evo specifications: Fuel usage, service ceiling, useful load, maximum take-off weight, max cruise speed, configuration for passengers and crew.

Range Map


Avanti Full Fuel Range

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