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Quest Kodiak

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The Kodiak can be found making landings in the most uninviting places worldwide. Quest worked side-by-side humanitarian groups to develop the Kodiak, an aircraft capable of providing service where its competitor, the Cessna Caravan, could not go. The Kodiak delivers a highly comparable package to the Caravan – configurable in float, cargo and passenger configurations, but the Kodiak has a few key distinctions. The Kodiak can takeoff nearly 500 feet shorter than the Caravan while carrying even greater weight.


The Kodiak has proven its ability since it was introduced in 2005 and has now far more use than just humanitarian missions. Buyers that take business or personal trips to remote areas now have the ability to load up the caravan with passengers and cargo and land on unimproved strips worldwide. The moveable seating configuration means your mission configuration can be changed in a number of minutes. The Kodiak comes standard with a G1000 avionics package with options for oxygen system, TKS de-icing and cargo pod. The Kodiak is the next go-anywhere do-anything airplane.


Let's Talk Numbers

The Quest Kodiak specifications: full fuel payload, service ceiling, variable costs, maximum take-off weight, max cruise speed, seats full range, take-off field length, passenger to crew ratio and more.

Range Map


Kodiak Seats Full Range (1005 nm)

Kodiak Tanks Full Range (1132 nm)


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